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Your brand is more than just a logo and a website, just imagine you are the star on your own stage. At ME BRAND we define and create your unique appearance so you can make an impact on your ideal audience. 

If you have reached a peak in your career, are a consultant, coach or a key person of influence and want to take life to the next level, then
BRAND is for you.

ASPIRE to be someone great, to make an IMPACT in the world, so that you can ELEVATE your brand presence.

Developing your ME BRAND

We offer a bespoke package to suit your requirements to create a unique illustration of your character, knowledge and skill set.

  • ME BRAND will help you define your target audience, tone of voice and mission statement to understand and develop your brand story.

  • We will define and create your own personal brand guidelines.

  • We will create your logo brand and visual identity which will sit consistently across all your online and offline platforms.

  • We will help you develop your personal brand website.

We will work with industry experts to enhance your brand appearance with our preferred personal branding photographers, fashion stylists and speaking coaches; it’s all part of creating a brand identity to reflect your personality.

What does life look like with ME BRAND?

You're making an impact because:

  • You have the confidence to drive yourself towards your desired goals and success.

  • Your customers, clients, colleagues are paying attention.

  • You’re establishing yourself as a leader, authority, key person of influence or expert in your field.

  • You’re empowered to position your offering as a premium product or service.

  • You’re taking life to the next level. 


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