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What’s the worst type of packaging?

Updated: Apr 25

The worst type of product packaging is the one that's harmful to the environment and fails to serve its primary function of protecting, presenting, and identifying the product.

Does your brand packaging fall under the worst type of packaging?

Short answer - possibly, without you even realizing it… so here are some things you need to check.

➡️ Wasteful Packaging

Choosing plastic responsibly is crucial, and excessive use exacerbates environmental issues. Ensure your main packaging is effective in safeguarding the item, eliminating the need for unnecessary materials like bubble wraps, inflatable plastic bags, multiple layers of card, or styrofoam peanuts.

➡️ Difficult-to-Open

One that requires excessive force to open can frustrate consumers and may damage the product in the process of opening it. We’ve all experienced this one time at least.

➡️ Unsecured or Flimsy Packaging

There’s nothing more frustrating than packaging that doesn't protect the product during transportation or storage which may lead to damage or spoilage.

➡️ Complicated Packaging

Excessive and unnecessary layers, compartments, or features in packaging create complexity for consumers when trying to access the product.

➡️ Inappropriate Packaging for Product Type

Packaging that doesn't align with the nature or purpose of the product. For example, overly formal packaging for casual items or vice versa.

➡️ Lack of Brand Consistency

Packaging that doesn't align with the overall brand image or creates confusion about the product's origin or quality.

Do these points resonate with your brand? Schedule a call with ME to explore how we can enhance your packaging from its current state to excellence.

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