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Beyond logos and websites, your brand is a narrative of experiences and emotions, creating a profound connection with your audience.


At ME BRAND, we're committed to shaping your brand into a unique voice and a lasting presence. We don't settle for average; we strive for excellence.

If you're ready to take your product or service to exceptional heights, ME BRAND is the ally you've been searching for.

MEET the designer & Founder

Hello, I'm Kitty Lai, a visual design communicator, brand strategist, and the founder of ME BRAND.

I thrive on the theatricality of branding - the creation of mood, the emotional connection, the visual aesthetics, and the tone of voice.


With two decades of senior management commercial design experience, contributing to iconic British brands like Ted Baker and Cath Kidston, I'm fuelled by a passion for bringing businesses to life through visual communication.

Now, I'm channeling my expertise on a personal level. I'm here to assist businesses and ambitious individuals in developing products and services that captivate their ideal audience.

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Transforming visions into iconic brand journeys, one design at a time

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London, United Kingdom  |

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