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Promote Your Brand Through Events

Kitty Lai Promoting Her Brand Through Events

Are you booked for any event this year? Because I am!

A few months back, I attended Online Sellers Cruise for a week as a Guest speaker. I've been attending this event since 2019, and that's the reason I want to talk about the importance of events in Personal brand building.

If you're considering using events as a personal brand-building strategy, get to know the different face-to-face events you can attend:


This is a large-scale event that revolves around a specific topic or industry. It can go on for multiple days, usually 1-3 days. Events like this have guest speakers, exhibitions, and even networking opportunities.

Trade Shows

This type of event includes different vendors from the same industry who showcase their products to the attendees.

Networking Events

A networking event involves people from different industries who want to expand their reach and connection.


A workshop is like an interactive skill-enhancing class. A few expert guest speakers share their ideas with the attendees, and usually, the attendees are given activities to do with others.

These types of events can help you build your personal brand, but how?

Try being a guest speaker

Event organisers shortlist speakers and directly contact them. Other times, they ask experts who may be interested to submit their "speaker application."

If you're interested to apply as a guest speaker, make sure you have your media kit to prove your credibility.

Network with other attendees

Each event is a networking opportunity even if it's not labeled as a "networking event." Take this chance to talk with the people you meet. Be interested and ask them about what they do. You can also ask for their business card or maybe share your business card with them.

Connect with them online

After the event is over, connect with them online. If you can't find them on LinkedIn or Facebook, you can send them an email and remind them that you met at the said event, and that you'd like to connect on whatever social media platform they're in.

Take the connection offline, again

You can ask them for coffee to know more about their business and possible collaboration. You can also invite them to an event you're hosting or attending.

Attending events is one of the greatest personal brand-building strategies you can do. One event can bring a slew of opportunities from being invited as a speaker to being invited to podcasts.

If you're not yet booked for any event this year, what's stopping you from attending one?

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