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Stand Out Strategies: Is Your Brand Blending In?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

On my summer break, my son cheekily tried to blend in to some wallpaper that matched his shirt in a restaurant 😂. He tried very hard and that was intentional, but when it comes to your brand are you getting noticed by your audience?

Thomas Lai blending into wallpaper in a restaurant

Catching Attention 👋

You want your brand to catch the attention of your customers. The first product they'll click when they scroll through an online marketplace app; or the first one they'll grab when they walk through a store aisle. You want your product to be enticing enough for them to pick it among a sea of choices.

And what will make them do that? Through a captivating packaging design!

Make Your Brand Pop 💥

Your packaging design tells potential customers whatever is inside. The right packaging puts your product in a better selling position compared to your competitors.

I've highlighted some ideas to help you stand out -

Keep it simple

Don’t make your packaging complex to the point that consumers have no idea what's inside or have no idea how to open it.

Follow the industry standard, but don’t deviate too much.

There’s an industry-standard style for specific products. You see noodles in plastic packaging, but you wouldn't see one in a tube carton. The latter is too much deviation. Follow the norm, but tweak it to stand out.

Choose your colors

Colors play a vital role in human behavior. Research shows that having a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. Choose the colors that are suitable for your products.

Use eco-friendly packaging

More people are getting more environmentally conscious. They're choosing products packaged in paper or recycled materials instead of plastic. Show that your brand cares about the environment.

Choose the right packaging size

Not too big, not too small. An oversized packaging is not only wasteful but deceiving as well. Imagine buying a big packaging and getting a small product, doesn't that look deceiving?

Make it functional and not purely decorative

The main function of packaging is to protect the product. The print designs or the uniqueness of packaging are extra bonuses - the ones that make you stand out. Your packaging should not break the product if the customer accidentally drops it.

Get it done by a professional

Hiring a graphic designer who'll put your logo (only your logo) on a box or bottle is not enough. A professional designer understands how to create packaging that stands out on a crowded shelf. They consider factors like size, shape, and placement of elements to maximize visibility and draw attention to your product.

If you’re simply finding it hard to stand out…BOOK A CALL to find out a clear strategy with ME on how to increase visibility and make more sales.

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