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Look the Part!

Showing up for visibility is one thing, showing up to win is another. You make impression in the first seven seconds, so you focus on your body language.

Whether it’s lockdown or in person meetings you should always look the part!

Follow these great starter tips and start putting these into practise.

1. Posture: Good posture exudes confidence and shows that you're paying attention. Keep your shoulders back, head up, and chest open.

2. Eye contact: Making eye contact with others evokes a positive connection. Sustained, focused eye contact makes you feel more confident and act more assertively.

3. Facial expression: Always smile, so people will perceive you as approachable. A happy facial expression can strengthen intention and brand attitude.

4. Handshake: Giving a handshake is a common practice in the Western world, but not everybody knows how it's done. A light handshake signals weakness; a strong one signals domination and control. Aim to give a firm and balanced handshake.

5. Clothing: Should you dress to impress or dress to represent your brand? When you're building your personal brand, dress according to how you want your personal brand to be perceived, so find a style that complements your brand. What you wear should reflect what YOU stand for and importantly what you are most comfortable with.

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