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Mission VS Vision: What's the difference?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Mission and Vision play important roles in organisations and in one's personal brand even more so. These two always come together to the point that some get confused and use them interchangeably.

However, your mission and vision serve two different purposes. Define your mission and vision clearly by understanding what each stands for:


  • defines your purpose

  • provides the direction to achieve your goal (or vision)

  • focuses on the "how"

  • is what your brand stands for

  • is what you're doing now


  • is your goal or desired state

  • is where you see your brand in the future

To make it simpler: Your mission is the cause and your vision is the effect. When you work on your mission day in and day out, your vision will come to fruition.

How about you – what's your mission and vision?

If you need help with this then book in a call with me today.

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