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Get to know your Personal Brand persona

Building a personal brand means we are all are unique in character, personality and each possess different qualities and skills.

Knowing who you are and the personality traits that you possess is a genuine strength and is essential in understanding how you market yourself.

Here are 10 of the most common Brand persona's. Which one of these resembles you most?

  1. Careerist The careerist, as the term implies, is career-driven and growth oriented. This persona is motivated by professional advancement and likes to join business-related networks.

  2. Hipster The hipster doesn't conform to society's norms. This persona builds his personal brand by trying new things and sharing the results with others.

  3. Altruist The altruist is a helper. This persona is dedicated in building personal relationships through helping others.

  4. Selective The selective chooses to share information with a selected group. This persona curates information based on the needs and interests of his chosen group.

  5. Connector The connector is a middleman. This persona is well-connected and uses networking to bring people together.

  6. Leader The leader takes his followers from their pain points to their points of desire. The leader has gone through the same journey, and leads his followers to the same journey to achieve the same goal.

  7. Crusader The crusader is a curious persona. This persona doesn't have all answers, but willingly goes to an adventure to find the answers. When he finds it, he brings back the answer to his audience.

  8. Reluctant Hero The reluctant hero is an expert, but prefers to stay behind-the-scenes. Though this persona doesn't like the spotlight, he finds ways to share it.

  9. Reporter The reporter persona is a beginner who desires to share knowledge but hasn't established authority yet. They act as a reporter to discover the answers to their questions. This persona interviews hundreds of people and share his learnings with their audience.

  10. Boomerang The boomerang persona believes in polarization. This persona shares content with his audience not to inform or entertain but to create conflict.

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