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Who's watching you from a distance and why?

There's always that worry that when you do a live stream or post on social media platforms that there are no viewers and no-one is watching, especially when you are trying to grow your personal brand.

So who's paying attention to you...

  • Your competition Your competition are really your peers; they are people in the same field or arena as you. They are watching what you do to get ideas and to learn from you, but that's okay, as you should be confident enough not worry about why they are watching. Take it as a compliment that you've got their attention. Top tip - you should be watching your peers back.

  • Potential clients Some potential clients can hide in the shadows simply because they want to see who you are first. They want to be familiar with how you work and to trust that you can deliver the solution they are after. Top tip - Now is the time to show them who you are (and more)!

  • New opportunities These opportunities surface once your brand is more visible and reputable. If people are seeing more exposure of you, they might want to collaborate with you, invite you as a guest for their podcast, interview you or even want to go into business with you. Once the catalyst starts here then more opportunities will arise . Top tip - don't shy away from these opportunities.

What you choose to do when building your brand, even when you think there is no sure that someone is always watching.

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