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Build your Authority

7 key strategies to become the authority in your field.

To stand apart from the crowd you need to establish yourself as a key person of authority and influence. This will give you an advantage over your peers who are just happy to continue in their career path with little thought to personal development or advancement.

To be successful at this you will need to work at it but it will be so worthwhile.

Here's how with 7 key strategies -

1. Focus on a niche. You are far more likely to be seen as an authority if you specialise in something. Can you offer a unique skill or give value to solve a problem your ideal clients needs or wants?

2. Be visible on the right channels. There's no point of sharing your knowledge in places where your ideal audience or community aren't. You need to consider where they are spending their time, whether it's Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or elsewhere.

3. Be generous. Provide value by sharing your best content with your community. You should also diversify your content over number of ways, such as video, infographics, social media posts, eBooks, podcasts, blogs or articles.

4. Grow a community. Create webinars, groups or even hold your own events. These are great opportunities to share your expertise and build a following.

5. Collaborate. Build key relationships with influencers and experts - be seen commenting on their platforms, appear in front of their audience with an interview perhaps, guest post/ guest blog for others or find other creative ways to collaborate.

6. Be consistent. One of the key components to establishing your reputation as an authority is consistency. This will show your community that you are reliable, professional and a committed expert in your field... And most importantly, your brand message will continually be seen and heard.

7. Be honest. Don't pretend to know something you don't. Be humble and let your audience know that you're learning with them. You'll earn far more respect and trust from your audience than faking it.

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