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Common Branding Blunders: What Every Startup Should Avoid in Branding

Updated: Apr 25

I’ve worked with hundreds of customers over the last 20+ years in my industry, and I can say there is a common repeat pattern of things they get wrong when it comes to product branding and design (even my son has an opinion when he sees bad branding or packaging... which kind of warms my heart to know that he's been paying attention).

Branding expert Kitty Lai and son at home pulling a shocked face of bad brand and design

So what are brand owners getting so wrong?? Here are my observations over the years...

⚠️ They don’t begin with the end in mind.

The only result in mind they have is the physical product and not the entirety of their brand. You are not selling a product, but a brand. An example would be a baby brand that sells baby utensils and names their brand BittyBites or LittleMunch. Being that brand-specific because of the first product you're selling will limit you from expanding your brand line to baby blankets or even baby clothes.

⚠️ Failing to understand what a brand really is.

Most people think that their logo is their brand, but it’s a part of it! Brand is how a product or business is perceived by the market. And part of your brand is brand identity or the visual elements of your brand which includes your logo, color, and design.

⚠️ Checking what their competitors are doing, but not making it better.

Starting a business is risky, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe and “copy” what your competitors are doing. To stand out, know what they got right and improve it; know what they got wrong and avoid it or make it better.

⚠️ They follow what they want, but not what they need.

I’ve encountered a lot of brand owners who want to push their ideas regardless of my judgment— as a branding expert. Understand that branding experts want the best for your brand even if their idea is not what you had in mind. You can compromise to make your idea and the branding expert’s idea work.

For your brand to succeed, visualize how you want everything to look like. The products that you plan to sell in the future, and how you want your market to perceive you. Once you have that, work with a branding expert to make that dream a reality.

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