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How to reinvent your Personal Brand?

Updated: Jun 13

A personal brand will evolve with you over time and there are occasions when you simply just want to re-invent your brand.

In many cases it's because you've switched to a completely different profession, or maybe you're trying to shake off some bad image from the past or simply your branding style and message are no longer aligned with your new mission in life.

So if you are considering on reinventing your personal brand, here are some questions to ask yourself first -

  • What are you trying to achieve and map it out?

  • Is it a complete new area you want to be known for?

  • Can you just refine or improve on your current Personal brand?


  1. Brand message - if you are doing a complete refresh then be clear on your new message and your values, and (if applicable) how this will be translated into your visual brand identity... i.e. Put some thought into your new brand image.

  2. What is your Unique selling proposition? How are you different from anyone else and what is it that will make you stand out?

  3. Tell your story to explain your personal brand. Your audience, colleagues and friends will be interested to hear about your past journey/career to present day. Bring your brand to life!

  4. Re-introduce yourself - don't expect people to remember what you do or notice your profile changes on social media. You'll need to re-educate your friends and colleagues, especially if you are launching a new business venture. You may need to shout a little louder and be visible on social media.

  5. Prove your skills - you'll need to show your audience that you can prove your worth and can deliver what your expertise. Ask for testimonials, reviews, publish articles and have case studies ready.

  6. Create new professional relationships - whether it's online or in-person, engaging and networking with other professionals is a great way to expand your reach and help position you as an expert. Be present in new circels that can help you with you new role.

Professionals reinvent themselves all the time, so whatever your reasons... NOW is a good time to make that change.

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