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How to Write Articles to Build Your Brand

When it comes to writing articles I am by no means an expert, I have been given the opportunity to write for a couple of online magazines and I’m getting better at writing or at least with the process.

I give it my best… and for me that means to make sure the writing piece is of interest and relatable.

Writing a blog or article is a great way to build your Personal brand and get visible in front of new audiences.

I was recently asked to share my writing process so here goes -

  • What should you write about? You can write about the area or industry you are expert in or on a topic you have personal experience in, but make sure it’s tailored to your audience’s interests so make it relatable.

  • Where to start? We all have to start somewhere and research what others may have previously written on similar topics, so do some homework to make your piece different. You may even discover a talking point that has not yet been covered.

  • Use a working title. Even if you have rough idea, give your piece a working title as this will really help you keep focused to begin your article. You can give it a more catchier title once you’ve finished the article if you need to.

  • Get some initial feedback. I’ve found that talking about the topic to somebody helped expand my thought process because other ideas and content came from that.

  • Make a draft. There’s no need to get perfect when you begin and that’s why we all make loose drafts. You start with bullet pointsand then gradually fill in the gaps when you sit down to write properly.

  • Clear the decks. Have a clear head when you write so it’s important to book out the time to create your masterpiece with zero distractions.

  • Make it your own. Unless you’re a copywriter and writing in a particular tone of voice for a brand, you should write in your own voice as this is the best way to remain consistent.

  • Keep it short and simple. The length of the article is important and some lend itself to be more longer but depending on the topic or style. If you’re just starting out then I suggest to keep it short, clear and to the point.

  • Always copy check. There’s nothing more frustrating than a typo error after you’ve sent off your article or posted it up. Mistakes do happen, but it only takes a little extra time to double check. If you’re not sure how it reads or if the grammar is correct then ask someone to read it through for you too.

  • Practice makes perfect. The writing process gets easier the more you do it and ideas in time should become easier.

Let me know if you are thinking of/ are writing blogs, articles or even a book?

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