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The Importance of Storytelling and Why It Matters

Updated: Jun 13

Humans are hardwired to read and listen to stories because they're interesting and entertaining. Just like children, adults like hearing and reading stories.

Storytelling is a common marketing and brand-building strategy practiced by companies, you just don't notice it.

  • The Hook Stories are highly-engaging and they grab people's attention. People are engaged in stories because it sparks their curiosity. They want to know what the hero of the story will do to survive the problem.

  • Make it more memorable Have you ever heard of the saying "Facts tell and stories sell"? It's easier for humans to recall the details when it's told in a storytelling manner than when it's stated outright.

  • Make your brand's purpose understood and known Your audience already knows the facts and figures behind your brand, but it is your story that will get them to understand your brand's purpose or why you're doing what you're doing.

  • Create a human connection Stories create trust. When people hear the story behind a brand, it makes the brand more relevant to them. The stories you tell show the audience that there's a human behind your business.

  • Set your brand apart You and your competitors offer the same thing, but what distinguishes you is your story. No two companies have the same story.

  • Clarity of message The reality is not everyone will understand what you do no matter how hard you try to explain it. The best way to get them to understand is through storytelling. Once you tell a story about how your product or services helped someone, everything gets cleared up.

  • Promote your brand image When your audience knows your story, it establishes a clearer brand image in their minds. It helps them understand your brand better and what your brand stands for therefore making you the top choice.

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